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Every business, no matter how big or small needs to have good advertising skills to stand out in the market and promote their brand. A great marketing strategy not only helps produces a steady stream of potential clients/customers but also helps in cutting down costs if done wisely. 

There are multiple ways companies can promote their businesses using advertising but the core foundation of it all is based on optimizing these very same paid marketing efforts. Though it does require a great deal of money to go out there and take part in the aggressive digital marketing competition, there are quite a few methods that can be used to promote small businesses. 

Without further adieu, If you own a small business and are looking for ways to make a huge marketing splash with limited money, here are 10 affordable and inexpensive ways for advertising your small business:-

Get your small business noticed

Firstly, Get Your Business Listed On Google

Firstly, Get Your Business Listed On Google

It comes as no surprise that your Google My Business Listing is one of the foundation stones when it comes to making a good digital presence. 

It is common for smaller businesses to skip out on listing their business on google, thus making it nearly impossible for users to find them online. 

Listing your business on Google My Business is free, comes with a ton of promotional options and therefore makes in on the top of the “Must do” list. 

Good Old Social Media

Good Old Social Media for small business

Who isn’t on social media these days? If your business isn’t, then you’re most definitely missing out on a huge audience. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn are pocket friendly to almost free to use and can get quite a volume of traffic delivered to your business. 

Not to mention, the highly interactive features on these sites that make direct communication with potential clients so much easier.  

 Just one tip, avoid using your personal account as it’s more than just friends and family that you want to reach out to. A proper business account is necessary. 

Get Published Online, It’s Crucial

big or small business everyone needs to Get Published Online, It’s Crucial

Sometime’s, publishing content on one blog won’t be of much help. There are a number of paid markets where you could actually get paid to show your credibility and also sites that won’t pay you, but will technically create advertisements for your business. 

LinkedIn indeed, is a great place to publish articles as well. Of course, back links act as another medium to drive more traffic to your website.  

Ad Promotions For PPC

Want people to discover your business? Have you been waiting to try out PPC advertising but are on a tight budget? Just wait a bit more and look around.

 Sites like Facebook, Google and Linkedin offer free advertising credits to attract new business. This way, you can get your hands on pay-per-click advertising without spending a lot of money. It’s a brilliant way to promote experimental material.

 If it works well, You’ve basically hit jackpot without spending a single penny or soiling brand image. 

Get Mix-ed up! 

Get Mix-ed up!

Without a doubt, Paid advertisement has it’s own set of advantages, But also the ability to burn a hole through your pocket. With MIX, paid advertisement is affordable and highly effective. 

With it’s Paid Discovery feature, users are sent straight to your website. The bounce rate here might be higher when using these ads, but it proves to be a great way to advertise giveaways, promotions and contests. 

Contests. Are. Fun.

Contests. Are. Fun.

There’s no better way than engaging with potential customers than holding fun and interesting contests. There’s no hardcore need to have a big budget for the prize. 

Some good quality merch like bags, water bottles or T-shirts works just fine. The number of participants and new leads you get with be all worth the trouble. 

Get Bloggers To Do The Job

Get Bloggers To Do The Job

This one is fairly simple. Identify influential bloggers in your industry, make them review your product/service and return the favour in the form of a small fee or the product/service itself. In this manner, a large audience is made aware of your product and that too in a more personal, detailed manner.  

Joining Relevant Communities and groups

Joining Relevant Communities and groups

Joining and maintaining good relations with communities that have relevance when it comes to your business is essential. You will find many such groups online especially on platforms like Facebook, Linkedin or Reddit. 

It’s important to be offer suggestions and advice to group members in order to build great connections. Even if you help one person, you’re being observed by many more, thus increasing credibility. 

Email Never Disappoints 

Email Never Disappoints

Email Marketing has always been one of the easiest ways to engage with potential as well as existing customers. With almost no money spent, you cant connect to people and promote your business by offering discounts, offers, sales alerts or simply making them aware of a new product/service. 

Also, It is even possible to track click on links, open rates and even people who unsubscribe from your list.

Flyers For Local Reach

Flyers For Local Reach

Flyers are not just a break from the digital world but also act a very effective tool towards reaching out to a local network. You can distribute flyers outside at malls,  car parking or any other public spaces. It does take some effort but also generates great results.  

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