What are the most effective ways to promote your blogs digitally?

What are the most effective ways to promote your blog digitally?

promote your blog digitally

There are a lot of ways to promote your blogs digitally but before promoting your blog you need to understand the reason behind your blog why are you writing the blog, who is your target audience and accordingly then the blog promotion takes place.

They are a lot of reasons to start a blog but majorly these are the three reasons people start blogging for. Which one is yours you need to find that and then we will select how the promotion needs to be done:

1) Are you selling some product or service? 

2)Do you want to sell advertising space on your blog?

3) Do you want to make your blog an authority in your niche?

So you can choose from any of the above three reasons but every reason has few specific ways for promotion, if followed leads to maximum conversion.

Here are the top 12 unpaid methods to promote your blogs digitally.

Content is the king

1)Frequent posting 

   Make sure you are posting regularly and not like once in a month or so as it leads to customer losing their interest.

  2)Seo optimized content

   Make sure your content is SEO optimized that is it should have keywords your blog title should be a long-tail keyword, the meta description should have keywords and making sure that the keyword density is not more than 1-2%.

   3)The long-form of content

   Google also prefers the long form of content because the long form of content is more likely to be shared it’s more authoritative and it is written after good Research.

   4)Avoid Seasonal topic

   It means take topics that are going to be valuable for a longer period of time to avoid those which won’t be searched or be valuable after a month or after year because you would not want your blog going waste after a year you would want people to read it in coming years.

Use of Influencer marketing to promote your blogs digitally.

   5)Mention Influencers in your blogs

   A trick that can be used by a lot of us is mentioning influencers of the niche we are writing about and then letting them know that we wrote about you so that if they like they can share it on their social media help will help in diverting their traffic to our blog. 

   6)Write answers on Quora

   People have yet not understood the value of quora. Have you seen that every time you search anything on Google there is always a question related to your query on Quora isn’t that enough to make you understand how important it is.

 So make sure you answer question-related to your blog on Quora and give a link to your blog, your website so that the interested people can reach out to your website, your blog to get more detailed information.

Use of Email marketing to promote your blogs digitally.

   7)Email marketing list.

   Email marketing an old school way but still The most reliable way of promoting your blog don’t forget to share it with your emailers list that you have created and if not then create it right away.

   Don’t forget to give a subscription to our blog to get the latest updates to form at the end of each of the blog this will help you create a database but make sure you are not having them later otherwise it won’t take long for them to unsubscribe you.

  8)Do guest blogs

   Make sure you do a guest post on different blog sites but keeping in mind that there DA should be less than 30 and give a backlink to your blog will let the audience of the guest blog to come to your page and interested ones will retain.

Use of social media to promote your blogs digitally

   9)Social media

   Each one of us known how  Each role social media is playing in everyone’s life these days, it’s very important to share your blog on your social media platform, make sure to keep everything integrated to get the maximum amount of conversions.


    It means sharing your blog content in the form of another medium like PDF audio video images gif which increases the chance of there visibility on the web.


   Make sure that you republish your content to your network group, LinkedIn, Your target audience with a backlink to your blog.


This one is still undiscovered by many of us but mark my words Pinterest is an excellent way of promoting your blog in picture form and giving a backlink to your blog, It takes time but it’s worthy.

I guess many of you are having this question why is it so important to promote a blog the answer to that is why you even writing you are writing so that it reaches your target audience, Right?

 Your blog would be of no meaning if it doesn’t reach your target audience so writing is 1 part and promoting is 1 part and in today’s world promoting is more important. Writing is 40%, Promoting is 60%.

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