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Search Engine Optimization.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is a way of improving the quality and amount of website traffic by expanding the visibility of a site or a web page.

Search engine optimization focuses on the improvement of unpaid results and excludes paid results


Why SEO?


1. Improves Positioning

Rule top situations in organic results and improve your website authority by enhancing your web pages for significant web crawlers, for example, Google.


2. Revamp client experience

User experience is a significant ranking factor. Search engines like to rank sites that are mobile-friendly and have great incorporation of pictures.


3. Increase trustworthiness

SEO offers a boost to your site positioning in search results which makes you look more dependable.

4. Significant Search Engines

 Search Engine: Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL


5. Successful technique

SEO is an effective strategy as it allows you to choose keywords whose search volumes are high, medium, low which in turn helps you increase your brand visibility by using those keywords.


6. Produce leads

 SEO is done in two ways off-page and on-page which helps potential clients to find you which in turn leads to an increase in conversion rates.


Why Digitally Diksha?

We at Digitally Diksha, provides the best digital marketing services by conducting the following steps to make sure that our client’s website start ranking on the web.


1. Website Analysis

We perform an in-depth website audit to provide you a report of all good and bad SEO practice you have used


2. Competitor Analysis

We do an in-depth analysis of your potential competitor to find out there strategies and plan of action which empowers us to know the chances and dangers you may confront.


3. Keyword Analysis

We perform profound research and make a list of keywords that you should target with their search volumes by understanding your needs.


4. Increase Traffic

We work in such a manner that will bring organic traffic to your website.


5. Improve Site Conversion

We use proven and effective techniques to boost your website sales. Which will lead to your visitors staying longer on your website and coming back


6. Reputation Management

We help you built, manage and ensure your corporate reputation in a manner that lifts your strength and mitigates your shortcomings


7. Search engine optimization Consultation

Recognize Search Engine Optimization opportunities for your site with our consultancy services.


8. Brand Awareness

Build brand awareness to promote your business with the goal that potential clients find out about your product and services.


9. Improve website positioning

We align ourselves with the most recent trends to give ensured and certified SEO services to revamp your site ranking on SERPs.


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Social Media

What is social media marketing?

Social media optimization is a digital marketing service which involves positioning your goods and services in the minds of your target audience by using different social media channels.

There are a lot of social media channels used for promoting your brand but The majorly used social media channels are Facebook Twitter Instagram Snapchat YouTube Pinterest.


Why social media optimization?


1) Helps in increaseing reach

Social media optimization helps you reach out to your target audience which increases your chance of getting converted and with the help of technology like mobile and internet the customers can reach you from anywhere and everywhere.


2) Build a strong presence on the web

Social media optimization helps you make a strong web presence which in turn helps in increasing brand visibility.


3) Improve search engine ranking

When search engine marketing and social media optimization is in Sync it helps to improve the ranking of the brand on the web as the space search engines of started taking data from the social media channels as well so it is very important to integrate your search engine marketing and social media optimization.


4) Generates traffic

The best part about social media is you can connect with people from worldwide which makes social media the best tool for generating organic traffic.


5)Lead generation

The basic reason for a brand to be on social media is branding and creating awareness about the brand but these days social media is also being used for generating leads.

As totally depends on what kind of campaign brand is running every campaign has its own reason some campaigns on creating awareness some and done for lead generation and like that.


Why us?

We at Digitally Diksha, aim at being the best social media company in Jaipur and around the world. We provide the best social media content for our clients keeping in mind our end goal.

Our content will help the client in increasing there brand presence and engagement on their social media profiles.


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Search Engine

What is Search Engine Marketing?


Search engine marketing is a part of digital marketing services that mainly focuses on promoting the brand and in generating leads by improving it’s brand visibility on the search engine results page (SERP’S) by paid promotion.

We design PPC campaigns in order to deliver immediate results.

Our PPC services aim at generating the best results for our clients.


Services provided by us

1) Google Ad Words

Display, search and shopping ads, display re-marketing ads and dynamic product re-marketing ads, video ads, app promotion ads and more.


2) Facebook Marketing

Page link ads, page post video ads, event ads, video ads, boosted page posts, offer claims, FB lead ads, link click ads, dynamic product ads, carousel ads.


3) YouTube Marketing

– YouTube video ads that are true view ads, non-skippable video ads, and bumper ads.

-YouTube non-video ads that is overlay ads, display ads, and sponsored cards


Why digitally Diksha?

At Digitally Diksha

– We provide 100% transparency to our clients.

– We work after a good research and development process!

– We make sure that your promotion is being shown to the right audience at the right time to get the right result.

– We make sure to generate the maximum ROI

– We have data-driven marketing experts.

– Weekly reporting to the clients.

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What is Content Marketing?


Content marketing means creating and sharing valuable consistent and relevant online material to a specific target audience to attract new customers and to retain the old ones with the belief that are consistent valuable and relevant information will attract our target audience and in return, they will show their brand loyalty by buying from us.

Content marketing we are not directly promoting the brand we are promoting its product and services specifically unlike social media marketing.


Types of content

PPT, Blogs, Videos, Audios, Pdf, Ebooks, etc


Why content marketing?


1)Marketing ain’t possible without great content

This means quality content plays an important role in all types of marketing whether social media optimization, search engine optimization, public relations, pay-per-click, email marketing.


2) Build brand awareness

 The main agenda of a brand for doing internet marketing is to build brand awareness, to leave an image in people’s minds.

3) Attract more leads

 All kinds of marketing whether offline or online have the same end goal i.e to bring customers.

4)Helps in Seo


Content is the king it should be informative and should be SEO friendly i.e it should have all the keywords related to the client’s business which helps to improve the web presence leading to the generation of more customers.

Every client has different needs according to there product and services so accordingly the content for there website, blog, social media are written after searching the keywords related to them making the content SEO friendly.

We here at Digitally Diksha, provide you the best content marketing services in Jaipur. We write content according to the needs of our clients.


We provide all the content related services whether

-Blog post content

-Social media content

-website content

-SEO optimized content


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