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Recall the good old days, when individuals spared eatery flyers and dialed the number on the back just to be told — ”Sorry, no delivery officials accessible”?.It’s difficult to accept that it was just 5–6 years prior. Requesting nourishment online is currently so helpful and moderate that many individuals in India are doing it consistently.

You would now be able to see delivery officials wearing the red/orange shirts in pretty much every corner of the road and they all appear to be in a strong race to reach their destination.

It is in times like these that we know the value of what really matters, yes you guessed it right, Swiggy vs zomato. They have been friends that are always there for us and the best part is that they come bearing food.

But is it just me or does anyone else also has to face the dilemma of choosing between your loved ones? The billion-dollar question of choosing between swiggy vs zomato.

swiggy vs zomato digital face off



In 2013 two organizers, Sriharsha Majety and Nandan Reddy, planned an online business site called “Bundl” to encourage dispatch administration and boat merchandise inside India. The organization worked out a devoted delivery network and developed quickly, fundamentally determined by the attention on coordination and securing secret weapons


Zomato was established as Foodiebay in 2008 and renamed Zomato in 2010. In February 2017, Zomato reported designs to dispatch support to assist cafés with extending their essence without acquiring any fixed expenses.

We’ll try to make it a bit easier for you.

Let’s have a look at their digital marketing strategies that would help us understand better The Digital face-off- Swiggy VS Zomato.


Swiggy vs zomato and its digital marketing campaigns

Craving something? This line does remind us of swiggy.  Swiggy has upped its game and is now in cut to cut with Zomato. 

Swiggy’s social media campaign is good but this is where it lacks a bit in comparison to zomato. Moreover, swiggy has great e-mail marketing which isn’t that great for zomato.

swiggy's social media marketing campaigns

We have something right here to prove our point. 

Let’s take the instance of the Festival of IPL in India. Both of them used it to their best. the application based brand professes to have seen a 25 percent development in orders during IPL 2019  They very innovatively broadcasted short advertisements during vital breaks pushing purchasers to arrange.

Whereas Zomato went the extra mile and featured cricket personalities such as Virender Sehwag and Virat Kohli. Around the same time as IPL, they launched their Zomato Premier League. 

zomato ipl campaign

The best part of it all was the creative that zomato posted ‘Things Eleven Punjab’ & ‘Chennai Super Things, which featured food items. Hence Zomato has an excellent social media game.

Swiggy vs zomato ipl social media campaign

Swiggy and Zomato have been in a warmed fight in each perspective both, Swiggy and Zomato, have profited by the IPL, by partner their bigger advertising methodology through a strategic push on TV.

FUN FACT: Do you realize that Swiggy started delivering nourishment in mid-2014, while Zomato was a late competitor in delivery? Despite the fact that Zomato was late, it has stirred up quickly with Swiggy.


swiggy vs Zomato and its digital marketing campaigns

I am a big fan of Zomato’s social media campaigns. They have the greatest digs on all the trending topics and always impress their audience.

Zomato's social media marketing campaigns

What bigger proof is needed regarding their social media game that their copywriter and graphic designer PRANAV SAPRA and AKSHAR PATHAK have great social media following and are a hit among the netizens.

Pranav sapra

Zomato has a one of a kind web-based life game. It connects with the crowd on in vogue, interesting, current points. The brand comprehends the crowd’s inclination.

Zomato social media marketing

Zomato’s SEO is top-notch and is the greatest source of leads.

Let’s do a quick question-answer round to find the answer of swiggy vs zomato-the digital face-off.

1.The initial screen (when the Area is killed)-

Swiggy lets the customers have a better and clear view of their app irrespective of the location. Whereas in zomato customers first have to clear the pop-up regarding the location and then have to continue surfing through the app.

This makes swiggy more user friendly but In any case, on the off chance that you are looking for “money backs,” there is no preferable alternative over Zomato.

2. Payment

Swiggy lets you choose payment options each time whereas zomato gives preference to the payment option you chose last time.

Both are correct here it just depends on the customer’s situation.

3. Who Delivers Fast 

Swiggy would be a clear winner here. It is proven as a survey talked to a partner restaurant and several other consumers.

The main reason behind this is that swiggy takes and delivers 1 order at a time whereas zomato has 2-3 orders per executive at a time.

4. Campaigns

Both of them have an amazing marketing strategy. Swiggy comes up with techniques like amazing discounts and no minimum order all along with super-fast delivery. It also has Battles like #EatYourVeggies, #SuperSwiggy, #EarnYourCheatMeal, #Secondtomom, #DiwaliGhayAayi, #SingwithSwiggy passed on the idea of eating well by utilizing clever jokes and plays on words.

swiggy social media marketing

The voice of hunger campaign of 2019 was a great success and was very much appreciated by the people for uniqueness.

swiggy voice of hunger campaign

For zomato, the craziest marketing lines work in its favor like 

It’s been so long we celebrated together! Order now and get 40% OFF up to Rs.100 on your favorites-use code ZOMATO.

zomato tweet

Swiggy showcasing methodology has a basic objective: individuals need tasty nourishment, they will convey in the blink of an eye!

5. Expansion

Making staple goods and different basics accessible! It’s something that another startup, Dunzo’s being accomplishing for some time. However, presently Swiggy is trying it. 

So indeed, Swiggy is looking past the nourishment space, while Zomato is just talking nourishment.

Both Swiggy and zomato have often been seen indulging in replying their customers on twitter with quite witty answers that go viral.

zomato twitter marketing
swiggy twitter marketing
swiggy vs zomato twitter marketing
zomato and twitter go hand in hand

In the Digital face-off- Swiggy VS Zomato the food delivery applications, Swiggy is as of now a victor as far as various requests however firmly joined by Zomato. 

There are various standards to conclude who will dominate the yearning matches. In the event that you need to arrange from the little eatery close to your home or office, Swiggy may be an incredible decision. In the end, it cuts down to singular needs. For me, both are doing fabulous. Get great digital marketing strategies on your brand from the best digital marketing company in Jaipur i.e. Digitally Diksha

People will have a different opinion on this one and sometimes there is no need to chose. This is what I think. I may never be able to choose between my closest friends and I won’t be able to now!

Who do you believe is best set to win this war?

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