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The Key Elements of Social Media Marketing are increasingly becoming a vital factor in expanding brand awareness. With the dynamic technological environment, it is getting challenging to solely depend on the on-page and off-page SEO activities and update the blog regularly. 

Thus, the need for Social Media Marketing arises. Although it may seem overwhelming, the importance of Social Media Marketing cannot be undermined. 

Stating the facts, 97% of marketers use social media marketing to outdo their competitors, and these platforms are increasingly proving their value. 

Social Media Marketing is the use of social media platforms to get in touch with your audiences to spread brand awareness, increase website traffic, and generate leads. 

It includes publishing various types of content i.e., blogs, videos, infographics, photos, etc. which grab the attention of readers. 

There is so much disconnect between the people who have been working with social media and who are still skeptical about how and if to use social media. Thus, to clear that confusion, I am stating the importance of social media marketing. 

  1. Increased brand awareness
  2. Higher traffic on the website   
  3. It helps in the promotion of products and services
  4. Results in more generation of leads for the business

Now you must be thinking as to what all to include in Social Media Marketing. Here, we list key elements of Social Media Marketing. 

Conversion funnels

There are many marketing strategies that every business follows to run the business successfully.

These strategies mainly focus on creating content related to the brand’s products and services, creating a social media marketing calendar, and orchestrating creative campaigns to keep the audience engaged. 

But how to reach the ultimate goal of converting to the audience into actual customers? Here comes the need of Conversion funnels. 

Conversion Funnel is a path that the customers travel through.

It starts with becoming aware of the brand until the time the products are purchased and even after the purchase.

The creation of this path and the activities performed during this process defines the overall reputation and the goodwill of the company in the mind of customers. 

The whole conversion funnel flows in the following manner: –

  • Awareness: In this stage, the brand makes an effort to spread awareness regarding the products and services provided by the company in the eyes of the target audience. 
  • Consideration: In this stage, the company highlights its USPs and try to stand out from their competitors as to enable the audience to remember them 
  • Action: This stage includes compelling the audience to take action and lead them to buy the products and services. 
  • Engagement: This stage helps in engaging the customers with the brand’s future events, products, and services. 
  • Advocacy: This is one of the most critical stages where the business tries to build trust with the customers to get repeated sales. Word-of-mouth publicity and recommendations are also an advantage of this stage. 

Thus, Social Media Marketing helps in the creation of Conversion Funnels as a part of marketing strategy involves incorporating social posts into each stage of the funnel. 

Various platforms can be used to drive traffic and customers to the website by creating engaging textual and visual content and guide the audience through the customer journey organically. 

Thus, for your social media marketing strategy to be successful, creating conversion funnels is essential. 

This explains why Conversion Funnels is one of the key elements of Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing

The whole internet sham is about providing information and content to the readers. But why would readers want to engage with your content mainly? 

In the process of converting prospective customers into actual clients, there is a huge need for providing the customer with proper information, which compels the audience to get up and take action with the company. 

Thus, the need for content marketing. 

Content Marketing is the creation and sharing of material and information related to a company’s products or services but not explicitly promoting it.

It is entitled to generate interest in the business. 

Thus, while carrying out a social media strategy, content marketing is critical. It helps in determining what kind of content is consumed by the audience and will promote the overall brand. 

Typically, a social media content strategy-

  1. Takes into account the needs and behavior of the target audience. 
  2. Analyzing how different buyer personas use different social channels
  3. Looking into how user-generated and social content be integrated
  4. Goes far beyond the simple content sharing 
  5. Engages and drives people to take action

Social Media is a potent tool in the journey of a company. And when combined with Content Marketing, nobody can stop the brand from reaching great successes. 

Paid Traffic

We all put our efforts into grabbing the attention of the customers and try to convert them into clients. But there are times when we need to loosen our pockets and run some paid advertisements to increase our reach. 

The traffic coming to our websites through paid advertisements is paid traffic. A cost is incurred depending on the type of ad planned. 

Paid Ads are preferable to increase the visibility on social media platforms. 

Various types of social media advertisements that brands can focus on are:-

  1. Facebook Advertisements
  2. Instagram Advertisements
  3. Pinterest Advertisements
  4. YouTube Advertisements
  5. Twitter Advertisements
  6. LinkedIn Advertisements. And much more

Indeed, all of these platforms are very much capable of organic reach in themselves, but to reach that number of audiences which is untraceable, Paid advertisements are required. 

Thus, making this another key elements of social media marketing

Email Marketing

The age-old Email Marketing. Emails have been a way of communication for about 50 years, and have played a significant role in connection since then. 

As we all know, Email Marketing has become a significant source of business communication, which provides unparalleled results. 

According to reports, every $1 spent on Email Marketing yields $45 ROI. Isn’t that crazy? Thus, making this marketing an excellent way to reach various customers. 

We know that Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing are two approaches, but why not leverage both of them by integrating? 

Thus the brands which can integrate this go long ways and can create a loyal and genuine customer base. 

Data and Analytics

We are making all our efforts on various social media platforms to grab the attention of prospective clients. But how do we analyze that the efforts which we are making are not going vain? 

Thus, we need to analyze various questions that need to be analyzed while working on a social media marketing strategy. Which social network deserves the bulk of the time? What are the top pieces of content? What is the overall impact of the brand’s social presence on the goodwill of the company? 

There is a lot of spending done on Social Media Campaigns in the hope of a high ROI. But how do we analyze it? 

Various tools help in analyzing the actual picture of the content. It enables marketers to collect the data and explaining where they are lacking and what needs to be done?

Various tools help in analyzing the data such as:-

  1. BuzzSumo
  2. Google Analytics
  3. SHIELDApp

Other than these, each platform has its analytical tools, which one can use. Thus, making Data and Analytics one of the key elements of Social Media Marketing

A/B Testing and Optimization

Social Media is all about what people like. User Behavior is very unpredictable, thus, it requires A/B testing what type of campaign will attract customers and convert them into actual clients. 

Social Media Marketing strategy starts with assumptions. Companies keep on testing different types of campaigns and activities until they analyze what is working and what is not. 

After the results, marketers optimize the campaigns according to the results to make social media marketing campaigns much more effective. 

Thus, making A/B testing and optimization key elements of Social Media Marketing


According to 90% of marketers, social media has increased the exposure of their business, and around 75% say that they have increased the traffic. 

We have established that various activities within Social Media marketing have to be carried out, to make a social media marketing strategy successful. 

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