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Instagram reels 2020 -digital Marketing Trends

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IGTV Ads for Monetization, Paid Badges for creator’s lives, Shopping tags, and much more. Other than the COVID-19, it is probably Instagram that has not failed to be in the top news in 2020. And with the launch of Instagram Reels 2020, it has surpassed any other social media platform to be in top news. 

Because of the TikTok ban in India,  TikTokers are looking for another social media platform to curate the content.

The move by Facebook to launch Instagram Reels 2020 has enabled it to capture a large market in India. 

Because of this smart move by Instagram of launching Instagram reels in India, the capture of the TikTok market

We all have been experiencing the boom in the video-sharing content for quite some time now. With Facebook expanding the Instagram Reels option to India, it has unleashed a great exposure in the market. 

Instagram has been a platform that has swayed the social media market. As, it has become an integral part of people’s lives, that over time, people have built a career out of Instagram. 

What is Instagram Reels?

First, let’s understand what this feature of Instagram Reels is? Video Content is the most consumed type of content online. Thus, catering to this need, Instagram has launched its short video feature called Reels

With video content being one of the most consumed types of content, Instagram has launched its short video feature called Reels. This feature lets users create videos on the app, add stickers and creative filters, and share it beyond their regular followers. 

Like TikTok, the videos created on the Reels option are of 15 seconds, different from the IGTV feature of Instagram. 

How to use Instagram Reels?

Added to the Instagram Camera, Reels is the option that is available along with the boomerang option. 

First, the creators need to open their Instagram Camera and start shooting with the Reels Option. And after the vide, video makers can choose various options like Instagram music library, speed, effects, and timer. 

After this, the creators can easily choose their target audience, to whom they wish to share their reel. 

Features of Instagram Reel

Instagram Reels 2020 option is a combination of some TikTok Features which Facebook-owned Instagram has made on the same User Interface to capture the TikTok Market. Along with these, it has rolled out some other features which make it unique. 

  1. One differentiating feature is that the Instagram Reels 2020 can be shared in the explore section. But, this is not the case with Instagram stories. 
  2. Other than that, Reels can be made by using AR Effects as well. This option is present in the effects section of the camera. 
  3. Similar to TikTok, Instagram, Reels also come with an opportunity to add your audio, to make the short videos much more customizable, and experimental, identical to TikTok. 

Switching to Instagram Reels- A Smart Option? 

There has been a lot of debate around whether the TikTok makers should switch to Instagram Reels or not? And whether the ban on TikTok will be lifted? 

Instagram has a much larger customer base as compared to TikTok, and when the creators switch to Instagram, they will be able to tap a much larger market, making their popularity much more. 

The benefit of Instagram is that it has a much larger audience base, but there is no clarity regarding the algorithm of Instagram Reels. TikTok had an algorithm that worked in a manner to surface unique and relevant videos, no matter the number of followers. But nobody knows if it is the same with Instagram Reels, with a possibility of content getting lost. 


Although Instagram has jumped into the pool of short video creation, nobody knows if it will be able to keep the customer base hooked to it. Instagram Reels is an excellent opportunity to capture the Indian Market, one of the largest markets which consume data on the internet. 

It is going to be exciting to look at how this feature turns out in the coming months. 

Have you tried Instagram Reels yet?

If yes, do let us know in the comments that is it a smart option and if not made one yet, then go read the blog and make one.

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