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We all are very well aware of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. None of us must have thought that we would be spending these weeks of the early part of the year 2020 quarantined in our homes.


So much for 2020 being our year.

This pandemic is impacting our lives more than we want it to.
From our content consumption to the places we hang out at, every part of our life is affected. Our priorities are set again and the way we spend our abundant free time had a dynamic impact on our lives in ways which cannot imagine

But the most crucial change is in the way we spend our MONEY.

The economy is being affected in the worst way and all the globe is declining towards recession.

So what does it mean for Digital Marketing?

We all can agree although the pandemic is a comma in our sentence but is definitely not a full stop.

The only curve rising which is beneficial during this time is that of Digital marketing. As we said before that there is a change in the way content is created and consumed due to the lockdown, offline industries and marketing are in a bit of a downslope.

Digital marketing graph after covid 19

With no end currently in sight, Digital marketers have done what they always do which is ADAPT.

More than 65% of the content being consumed falls in the category of COVID-19 facts which are being delivered with a pitch of the brand’s marketing. All in all the internet has used fact delivery as a way to stay in the game during this and are marketing their product and services. 60% of COVID-19 related content is brand safe and that’s what people are consuming and loving.

Maths behind social distancing

Traditional VS Online Industries

Compared to traditional industries, online service providers and e-commerce businesses have not suffered that gravely. They do not need to shut down completely.

Unlike traditional businesses, they are still operating by working from home and still marketing through digital marketing.

As of the traditional marketers, they too now have understood the shift in the pattern and now are adapting to the change and shifting towards digital marketing. This right here is a pivot in digital marketing.

Out of all the e-commerce businesses and online service providers the best performing sector is digital marketing.
The flexibility of this industry has yet been an advantage to it and has been able to safeguard itself against the fallout of coronavirus.

Although it is natural that during this period, the finances and budgetary aspects of this sector have been affected but better less profit than none.

Investment in advertising would now be more shallow than it used to be.

Moreover, it also depends on how a country responds to a pandemic. India is still a developing country whereas Italy is not, Even though Italy is far worse affected by coronavirus than the rest of the world.

It still has it’s reputation of being the fashion capital of the world to maintain. After seeing the obvious demand drop in Italy, with the lockdown being eased people are now a[pperaing interested in buying more than just the essential goods. There has been an increase in the purchasing habit of apparel and other stuff.

Covid 19 effect italy

People in India will be careful about how they spend their money now more than ever. Small scale businesses will withdraw additional funds from advertising whereas the MNCs will also lessen their investment in advertising.

This still proves to be a positive point for this industry because even with demand drop, online purchasing and content consumption will increase which will ensure NOT LOSSES. But of course,  efficiency and productivity will definitely get affected.

A huge change in ways of DIGITAL MARKETING

This COVID pandemic has not only given an opportunity to digital marketing but has also opened up the channels which weren’t that popular before.

Those factors are :

1. Email Marketing-

People tend to ignore the promotional emails send to them but a study shows an increase in lead generation through email marketing. Modern marketers often tend to pay less attention to use email marketing as a way of generating leads but now is a perfect time and chance to take advantage of this method.

covid 19 email marketing


You tube covid 19 marketing

The surfing rate and viewing hours of youtube have never been what they are now. As everyone is staying home due to this COVID-19 and enjoying browsing. You know it too.
Youtube can be one of the biggest sources of lead generation. The more people watch videos the more are your chances of getting a lead. Youtube Ads has been so successful at this time that people are spending considerable time on planning and strategizing their game for youtube ads.

3. Organic Traffic – will not be what it used to be.

With low budgets, the situation can be handled by organic lead generation. Traffic could be managed and maintained through it.

But as mentioned there would be a time for the recession the traffic leads could not be converted into customers at a rate in which it used to. Long term benefits could definitely be experienced through new customers.


Even during a time that feels like a downward path – there can be an opportunity to be seized.

Now would be a perfect time to get your business into digital marketing. There won’t be an opportunity more apt than this to grab.

1.  Short-term adaptations-

The key to successful digital marketing is to respond to what’s trending, what’s viral, and what is kind of content people want to consume.

You have to adapt to what the internet is doing and market your way into it beautifully. Marketing is an art and the artist should know his/her colors inside out and know what would be the best suited according to the situation

2.  Moving to flexible channels

Digital marketing is just not social media marketing, It’s a whole wider concept than that. You need to be present everywhere because you never know which channel would work the best for you.

Moreover, it will always give you the advantage of the flexibility of having the presence of different channels. It doesn’t work the second or third will always do.

Having said this we know that there is no bursting of the balloon of digital marketing. It will tend to grow even bigger whether the air filling it is polluted (COVID-19) or clean (normal situation).

This would be the correct time to plan your entry into the digital world for that you can check out our blog on how should I start a career in digital marketing? and if already present, plan to grow more and stay there. We are always here to help you achieve this goal being the best digital marketing company in Jaipur.

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