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A guide to quora marketing

In 2019, Quora turned 10 years old in 2019. More than 300 million people are using quora at any point of time.

For people looking to find their target audience and grow there company’s there are a lot of social media platforms available for them but the most important thing is choosing the best one for your business. 

Regardless of the industry, your business is on Quora is the best and powerful platform for the brand to find out their potential audience.

In case you’re hoping to build up  Authority in your niche or just talking about your brand and your skillset, Quora is the place to do so.

This also needs strategy like any other social media site.

Here, is your full guide about quora, quora marketing and how can you use quora for digital marketing.

What is Quora?

what is quora

Quora is a question and answer site where people ask questions and other people who know about it answer to those questions.

It is like Linkedin as in it has people who are genuinely interested in knowing the answers like on LinkedIn we will only find professionals interested in building a network.

Quora works on upvoting system i.e More upvotes = More reach.

Why quora marketing?

why quora marketing

Here are some of the benefits of quora marketing-

Connect with Quora users

Connect with Quora users

 Connecting with more than 300 million Quora users with the help of your content, by answering their questions and by commenting on and upvoting others’ answers.

Be an authority on your chosen topic

Be an authority on your chosen topic

By providing detailed and correct answers to the questions of your niche and by mentioning your expertise in your profile section by adding your credentials which will be shown above your answers prooving your expertise and authority.

How to add credentials?


How to add credentials?


How to add credentials?

By clicking on the edit option shown with an arrow in the image. That credentials will be shown above all your answers (like in image:2, marked with red) or you can also change the credentials on all your answers(Like shown in the image :3 and 4)

Image:3(If you wish to edit credentials)

How to add credential

Image:4(TO add a credential or choose from the already added ones)

add credentials on every answer

Keep an eye on competitors

Keep an eye on competitors

You can follow the topics related to your product and services and then keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and accordingly you can work on your strategies.

How to follow topics?

How to follow topic on quora ?

Get insights from the industry experts

Get insights from the industry experts

By following the industry experts you can easily get to know what they think about a particular topic or question in such way you are also learning.

Excellent reach

Excellent reach

Quora has more than 300 million users, so when you ask a question or share an answer you are sharing them with more than 300 million people.

High-quality traffic

High-quality traffic

Drive people to your websites through the backlinks from quora answers by telling them how your product and services are solving their problems.

Help in content creation

Help in content creation

When you are having a writing block and can’t decide on what topic to write on then quora is the best place to find the topics.

Either you can write on the trending topics or search your keyword in the search box and answer the most viewed question as that symbolize maximum people are coming to look for its answers.

Increase networking and exposure 

Increase networking and exposure

Quora helps you increase your network by following people of your niche, answering they have asked and upvoting their answer, and by engaging in their content and also provide exposure to you and your questions and answers to more than 300 million people.

Drive Traffic to Your Site

Drive Traffic to Your Site

By providing backlinks in your answers to your website or by adding a link of your related blog while asking a question this helps in driving traffic to your website. 

Position your brand as an industry leader

Position your brand as an industry leader on quora

By answering questions related to your niche in a detailed manner, providing solutions to peoples problem which will convince them to use your product and service making you a leader in your industry.

Find out the questions people are asking about your product or industry just by searching your keyword in the search section and provide direct answers to anyone asking about your business, products, or services.

How to do Quora Marketing?

How to do quora marketing?

Here are few points to be kept in mind when doing quora marketing

Create an outstanding bio

Create an outstanding quora bio

Your bio will be your first impression and the telling people about who you and what you do so make sure to add the following points in the bio.

  1. Talk about your experience, your strengths, and your achievements, social work if any.
  2. Add social links in your bio.
  3.  Your first two lines should be very catchy because those are the once visible first.
  4.  Don’t forget to add a creative credential under your name as its the first thing seen after your name.
  5. It should be a long-form on content.
How to write your quora bio.

Find and follow relevant topics

find and follow relavent topics for quora marketing

Search keyword in the search bar to find the topics and then you can follow the related topics.

How to find the topics related to your niche?

How to find the topics related to your niche on quora?

How to follow a topic:

how to follow a topic on quora?

Track topics relevant to you with notifications- make sure to have switched on email notifications so you know when anyone asks a question on those topics so that you can be the first one to answer and it also helps in customer analysis.

Find the right questions to answer

Find the right questions to answer on quora

It is very important to find the right question to answer so few points to keep in mind while selecting the questions are-

  1. The question is from your niche or the question can be from something trending. To find what is trending in your country please follow trends.google.com 
  2. Try and answer the question which has been answered by lesser number of people.

Answer question with passion and authority

Answer question with passion and authority for a better quora marketing

It is important to answer a question passionately and within authority so that it grabs the readers’ attention.

Few things to be kept in mind while writing an answer is

-Make sure that you are using visuals as visuals are a great way of communication.

-Add links of your profile or content related to the answer that u have written.

-Tag related people, topics and questions with @ sign

Connect with people

connect with people on quora

Try and connect with people whose answers are most viewed in a topic

How to find the most viewed writers in a topic?

How to find the most viewed writers in a topic on quora

When you click on most viewed a page like this appears

How to find the most viewed writers in a topic on quora

Now you can follow these writers this will help you in understanding how to write a great answer. Then by commenting on their answers, upvoting them you can build a network with them.

Ask people to follow you on quora

Ask people to follow you on quora for quora marketing

Ask people to follow you on Quora, provide your quora links in your blogs, promote in on your social media, and try to maintain 7:1 follower ratio i.e 7 followers for 1 answer.

Editing and formatting are crucial 

Editing and formatting are crucial  for quora marketing

How you edit and format your answer plays an important role in writing an answer

-Try writing your answer in points rather than in paragraphs. 

-Try to highlight important points, use italics and bold feature.

-Make links a part of your sentence rather than putting a link altogether. (Like shown in the image below)

Link part of answer on quora

Work on getting more upvotes 

Work on getting more upvotes  on quora

Quora works on an upvoting system which means higher the upvotes, higher the reach.

How to upvote an answer?

how to upvote an answer on quora

Points to keep in mind to get more upvotes

  1. Try to be the first person to answer the questions.
  2. Share your answers on different social media sites and ask people to upvote your answer.

Suggest edits to top answers

suggest edits to top answers

You can suggest edits to the top answers and by that if you have suggested a meaningful edit then that person might take your suggestions and tag you.

How to suggest edits?

Ask a question

ask a question

 Just don’t keep on answering but you should also ask questions to the people and you have an option of asking some particular people to answer that question.

And whenever someone gives an answer to your question then make sure you upvote it and write thank you in the comments section.

There is a process of asking a question make sure you follow it completely to achieve the best results.

FAQ’S Related To Quora:

  1. How to create a blog on quora?

The option to create a blog on Quora was available to people till June 2019 and after that quora has removed that feature.

And added a feature called spaces that is people can create there own spaces.

Where they can post but there are few conditions to make a space like you should have at least 10k content views if you wish to have a space of your own.

What now- Build your quora profile and start working on it!

Now that we know that is is just like any other social media platform which means you need to have a strategy for quora marketing.

You should be consistent on quora that is answering at least 2 questions daily of your niche.

So what are you waiting for you know everything about it so get set answering.

Have you made your quora marketing strategy yet?

If yes, do let us know in the comments what worked the best for you and if not made one yet, then go read the blog and make one.

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